martes, 9 de junio de 2009

una canción bonita

vale? (youtube/spotify)

no ... más bonita

vale ahora? (youtube/spotify)

no ... más todavía

y ahora? (youtube/spotify)

no .. MÁS bonita todavía

ok .. entonces no hay duda .. (youtube/spotify)

every hair on your head is counted
you are worth hundreds of sparrows
the tree you planted has become fecund
with kamikaze hummingbirds

wings of hundreds of beats per second
of people whose wings are just a blur
afraid our eyes might become impaled
by their sharp and tiny beaks

I'm so sorry
my spirit's rarely in my body
it wanders through the dry country
looking for a good place to rest
your head upon my chest
and I can feel the pillow of your breast

you are worth hundreds of sparrows

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me gustan mil las cuatro, pero me quedo con la de Tiersen y Dominique A